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How This Actor and Filmmaker Came from India and Quickly Found Success in the Big Apple

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How This Actor and Filmmaker Came from India and Quickly Found Success in the Big Apple

September 02
16:00 2020

Meet Karan Choudhary: a model-turned-actor and filmmaker who’s conquered every challenge on his path to success. Since the beginning of his career in show business, Choudhary has written and directed four short films in the last four years and acted in over fourteen other projects. He also appears in various well-known commercials and TV segments. His work has been recognized at the film festival circuit across the country, granting him multiple nominations and awards in various categories. After the great success of his previous films, Choudhary is currently working on his next short film called Swiped Out, which he’s writing, directing, and playing one of the lead roles in it.

The road to success wasn’t always paved in front of Karan Choudhary – his journey towards his goal of becoming a successful actor and filmmaker was actually quite bumpy. Born and raised in Faridabad, India, Choudhary came from a small family with few sources of inspiration beyond the quarters of their little town. Dreams of becoming an artist and making a name for himself were unheard of, Choudhary was expected to follow a path others had already planned for him. As a young boy, he never had a steady role model but he was always interested in doing something in the entertainment industry and being recognized for his work.

After completing his schooling, Choudhary began his life as a working man by doing odd jobs in New Delhi. Between different positions as a salesman and gym trainer, Choudhary wasn’t quite satisfying his many ambitions, so he moved to Mumbai with hopes of pursuing a career in modeling and acting. But Choudhary quickly found himself stuck in an environment he was unhappy with. For many reasons, Choudhary decided he wasn’t finding enough success and decided to make a life-changing move.

In 2013, Karan Choudhary moved from India to New York to study acting and pursue his career in Hollywood. In 2015 he graduated from The Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre in New York City, and since then he’s been actively pursuing acting and filmmaking. The brave move to America was truly a fresh start for Choudhary. It was naturally tough for him at first, but things became easier with time. In 2017, Choudhary decided it was time to take charge of his career as an actor. Rather than waiting for filmmakers to find him, he began making his own movies which created opportunities for himself and other fellow artists. That year, he released his first-ever short documentary which was incredibly well received at the film festival circuit across the globe. The film, called “Dedication,” received four nominations and ultimately won two awards.

Karan Choudhary went on to create another narrative short in 2018. The comedy called “New York’d,” and was accepted into twenty-five film festivals globally. This time around, Choudhary received a plethora of awards across multiple categories, including eight nominations and five wins. His success wouldn’t stop there – his third short “The Timepiece” was released in 2019 and won so many festivals awards that Choudhary secured himself a film distribution deal, and the film is currently being streamed on Amazon Prime and Today, Choudhary is working alongside a team of talented filmmakers on his next short film called “Swiped Out.” The film is expected to premiere at the film festivals this fall before being available for streaming on Amazon and other online platforms.

Karan Choudhary is now 30 years old with a successful career in filmmaking. The accolades Choudhary has received have not come easy, but his mentality is the same now as it was back then – no matter what happens, you have to keep trying again. And if there aren’t any opportunities available to you, create them.

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