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Salestrail Introduces Game-Changing Feature for Indian clients: WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business Call Recording

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Salestrail Introduces Game-Changing Feature for Indian clients: WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business Call Recording

December 01
17:55 2023

Salestrail, a leading innovator in mobile sales solutions, is proud to announce the launch of an exciting new feature that revolutionizes the way businesses engage with their clients on WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business.

Salestrail now offers users the ability to record WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business calls, in addition to recording regular cell calls (SIM/GSM). This feature is set to empower businesses by providing a robust solution for documenting crucial conversations and improving compliance practices without the company having to use cloud telephony solutions.

Key Features of Salestrail’s WhatsApp Call Recording:

Focus on Sales Professionals: Salestrail offers access to a dashboard where the company can manage users, set up teams, integrate to their CRM, follow call metadata and listen to recordings.

Seamless Integration: Salestrail seamlessly integrates with WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, ensuring that call recording is a hassle-free experience for users.

Automatic Recording: Salestrail’s automatic recording feature simplifies the process. Users can initiate calls as they normally would, and the app takes care of the rest, capturing both incoming and outgoing calls without manual intervention.

Enhanced Analytics: Beyond recording, Salestrail provides valuable call analytics, including call duration, timestamps, and caller information. Sales teams can use this data to gain insights into call performance and make informed decisions.

Secure Cloud Storage: Recorded calls are securely stored in the cloud, ensuring accessibility and data security. Users can access their call recordings from anywhere, at any time.

Effortless Playback: Listening to recorded calls is a breeze with Salestrail. Users can review conversations with ease, facilitating follow-ups, training, and dispute resolution.

Why Salestrail’s WhatsApp Call Recording Matters:

“The ability to record WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business calls is a game-changer for businesses  and something that especially our Indian customers have been requesting,” said Maria Sundström, CEO at Salestrail. “We believe that more companies will move away from cloud telephony solutions as the call quality and answering rates are so much better on regular cell calls and Whatsapp calls. The benefits of using cloud calls for domestic calls mainly lies in the ability to record and track call metadata on the calls and a solution like Salestrail allows users to record calls as well as track call duration, time stamps and understand call performance without relying on cloud telephony solutions.”

About Salestrail:

Salestrail is a trailblazing mobile sales solution designed to empower sales teams with the tools they need to boost call  productivity and exceed targets. The platform seamlessly integrates withSalesforce, Hubspot and Leadsquared and allows for API integration for custom CRMs.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Maria Sundström

[email protected]

+ 358 40 768 3813

For more information about Salestrail and WhatsApp call recording, visit

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