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The 4th Hip-Hop Cultural Industry Forum Seeking New Trend for Cultural Capital

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The 4th Hip-Hop Cultural Industry Forum Seeking New Trend for Cultural Capital

December 23
17:55 2020

It is reported that on December 20th, “The 4th Hip-Hop Cultural Industry Forum” was held successfully in Wyndham Grand Plaza Hotel Xiamen City, Fujian Province. The forum was hosted by Fujian Street Dance Association, Zhixing Finance, Xiamen Pop Culture Co., Ltd.  Also co-organised by the Fujian Provincial Cultural Enterprise Association and Gungdong Economic Research Institute, Guangdong Xingyu Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., Fujian Zhongqing Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Qianhai Zhixing Union Capital Management Co., Ltd., Xiamen Hill Consulting Management Co., Ltd., Nast Investment Management Co., Ltd., Network 1 Financial Securities, Inc, HUNTER TAUBMAN FISCHER & LI LLC, GFE LAW OFFICE, Guangdong Jinshi Enterprise Consulting Management Co., Ltd., Frost & Sullivan International Limited, Evergreen CQ Consulting Inc., EdgarAgents.LLC.

Picture – The scene of the 4th Hip Hop Industry Forum

With the explosion of online variety hip-hop shows, the diversified development of street dance artists, the hotness of street dance competitions, and every unforgettable moment like the new face of street dance art. The current situation of the hip-hop market, the value of corporate investment in hip-hop culture and the industrial chain, and the new trend of hip-hop ecology and cultural communication, reflect the value of investment in the hip-hop culture industry, also realize the sustainable development of the hip-hop trend ecosystem. Focusing on this issue, the forum invited relevant government leaders, investment institutions, industry representatives, mainstream media, hip-hop culture scholars, etc. to discuss and explore the value of hip-hop culture.

Picture – Welcome speech by Mr. Huang Xing

This forum kicked off with a welcome speech by Mr. Huang Xing, the former director of Fujian-Taiwan Cultural Exchange Center and Secretary-General of Fujian Cultural Enterprise Association. Mr. Huang Xing welcomed all the leaders and guests who came from afar to participate in the forum. He also mentioned: “Hip-hop culture is an important part of cultural exchanges between Fujian and Taiwan, and the exchange, integration and development of hip-hop culture should be increased.

Picture – Opening speech by Mr. Zhang Yuhang

Mr. Zhang Yuhang, the Secretary& general Manager&editor-in-chief of Guangdong Radio and Television Network Hongshi Digital Media Company, gave an opening speech, saying: Hip-hop culture has made rapid progress since it was introduced to China in the 1980s. It is deeply loved by youth groups for its free and unrestrained charm. We believe that with the continuous progress of the economy and society, the hip-hop culture industry will burst out a brighter tomorrow, and will also look for better development opportunities, so that various high-quality resources will collide, merge and shine.

Picture – Keynote speech by Mr. Sun Jian

Mr. Sun Jian, Director of China Investment Banking Department of Network 1 Financial Securities, Inc. took “The Industrialization Process of American Hip-Hop Culture” as a keynote speech and analyzed the current situation of American hip-hop culture, the process of American hip-hop industry, and he thought that the prospects for the international market of hip-hop culture is great.

Picture – Keynote speech by Mr. He Rongtian

Senior investment bank expert Mr. He Rongtian, Chairman of Nast Investment Management Co., Ltd. gave a keynote speech on the topic of “Development Strategy and Market Prospects of Hip-Hop Cultural Enterprises”, and explored the hip-hop industry value from the perspectives of the development strategy of hip-hop cultural enterprises’ content, brand and platform.

Picture – Keynote Speech by Mr. Xu Biao

As a senior consultant of industry analysis, Mr. Xu Biao, consulting director of Frost & Sullivan International Limited, also mentioned from the perspective of China’s “Hip Hop Cultural Industry Development and Prospects”, driven by many factors such as the improvement of consumption power, the younger generation of consumer groups, the prosperity of new Internet media and rising social recognition, hip-hop culture has developed rapidly in mainland China.

Picture – Capital Dialogue of Theme Forum

As the focus of this forum, the conference invited representatives of the hip-hop industry and the capital market to discuss the theme of the group, to understand the current status of the hip-hop cultural industry and contribute to the development of the industry. The forum invited Wang Xiaoqin, managing partner of Evergreen CQ Consulting Inc., Lu Yiwei, director of public relations of Tiger Securities listed company, Li Yangjia, chairman of Xiamen Huayuan Group Co., Ltd., and Luo Yi, founding partner of Guangdong Jinshi Investment Management Co., Ltd. to participate in the capital dialogue of the forum. Sun Qiyang, chairman of Shenzhen Qianhai Zhixing Union Capital Management Co., Ltd. hosted the theme forum on “Whether the new youth trend culture will be a new outlet for capital, and how Chinese trend entertainment culture can enter the global capital market” . From the perspective of the capital market, start a dialogue on the investment of hip-hop culture industry, and discuss the development trajectory and investment trend of emerging industries.

Picture – Industry Dialogue on Theme Forum

In the industry dialogue, Zhang Xiaopeng, a special commentator on the “Economic Reference” of the Development Research Center of the State Council, Zhang Hongbo, general manager of Guangdong Radio and Television Network Maishi Internet Technology Co., Ltd., Wu Yongrong, chairman of Fujian SK Culture Media Co., Ltd., Zhang Guoqin, director of Xiamen JieYin Trend Group Chairman were invited,  Mr. Huang Zhuoqin, Chairman of Xiamen Pop Culture Co., Ltd., as the host, presided over the theme forum on “Hip Hop Culture Industry Trends and Development Suggestions” for industry dialogue. In the topic, industry representatives talked about that with the popularity of the Internet in recent years, the operation of the hip-hop industry has been greatly improved in terms of scale and quality. Among them, hip-hop training has received particular attention. Hip-hop culture is essentially a upward and positive culture, but in this development process, we need to bring more positive guidance to reflect the positive values of hip-hop culture. Mr. Huang, Chairman of Pop Culture, also said that he will continue to seize the dividends of the rise of the hip-hop industry, accelerate the creation of a complete industrial chain of hip-hop culture, produce vertical content for the masses, and export Chinese hip-hop culture to the world.


Picture – Hip Hop Industry Research Center Co-construction Signing Ceremony

The hip-hop Industry Research Center composed of Fujian Cultural Enterprise Association, Fujian Street Dance Association, Guangdong Economic Research Institute, and Xiamen Pop Culture Co., Ltd. signed the contract together.

Picture – Hip Hop Industry Alliance Launch Ceremony

The Hip Hop Industry Alliance is officially launched by the leaders Zhang Xiaopeng, special commentator of the Development Research Center of the State Council “Economic Reference”, Guangdong Radio and Television Network Maishi Internet Technology Co., Ltd., Xiamen Pop Culture Co., Ltd., Fujian SK Media Co., Ltd., Xiamen JieYin Trend Group, Xiamen Fantawild Dreamland, which indicates that the hip hop industry will have a better strategic development.

Picture – Group photo of leaders of the 4th Hip Hop Industry Forum

As hip-hop became an official event of the Olympic Games, hip-hop culture also showed a bright future for its sunrise industry. Hip-hop culture has been gradually standardized and marketized. It is also a source of high-quality IP with a foundation of creativity and innovation. Many corporate investors have set their sights on the emerging vertical field of hip-hop culture. We believe that in the future, the commercial value of the hip-hop culture industry still has a huge potential for mining in the Chinese market. The “Fourth Hip-Hop Culture Industry Forum” brought hot topics such as trends and challenges related to the innovation and development of the hip-hop trend industry, as well as application cases in multiple fields, and presented a dialogue feast between the hip-hop industry and capital for the audience, also a great guiding significance for the industrial integration and accelerated development of hip-hop culture.

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