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YDSTRONG – Personal EMS Training Coach that keeps users healthy and fit every day

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YDSTRONG – Personal EMS Training Coach that keeps users healthy and fit every day

July 01
01:26 2020

There are a number of reasons people exercises with trainers. Some want an individualized program so that they can lose weight or keep fit while others simply just need exercise without a specific goal.

Wherever you are on your exercise journey, the newly designed personal trainer may be just what you need to finally reach your fitness goals. With YDSTRONG EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) training suit, your home fitness coach, exercise will be short and effective compare to the traditional workout.

The traditional wired EMS was designed to use in studios under the supervision of professionals. A typical 30-mins training session could cost at least $150. To make EMS more accessible for everyone, we invented YDSTRONG Smart Wireless EMS Training Suit that can boost your training process, triple your performance and save you thousands of dollars.

It only takes you 20 minutes each time, and each workout could target on different muscle group to make sure you’re not overworking any part of your body. We’ve also built a mobile App, Smart EMS Pro, to track your workout data and adjust the existing training plans base on it, to keep your workouts efficiently:

  • Look at your current program (by collected body status data)
  • Push you a little harder (by the Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology)
  • Examine your goals (figure out the most realistic one)
  • Hold you accountable and monitor on a regular basis
  • Help you stay motivated to the exercise

Every time you exercise, our system using your health metrics to adjust your plan to help you achieve optimal results.

The Smart Suit is made of highly stretchable, breathable and sweat-absorbing material and is very comfortable to wear. Twenty pieces of electrode pads that consist of 4 layers are evenly distributed around the suit across the ten major muscle groups, covering 90% of the body’s muscle. YDSTRONG Smart EMS training suit deeply stimulates the muscle.

With multiple-sensors embedded for data sampling, this super-fast drying suit is designed with an advanced flexible sensing wire and the energy sensor can be used without spraying water beforehand to ensure your skin doesn’t feel irritated.

Connected with the suit, the Smart Box provides the electrical signals generated to activate all muscle groups simultaneously. You can choose over different modes to activate one or multiple electrode pads to train one or more muscle groups accordingly.

This closed-loop data-driven workout platform works for any fitness activities. By constantly iterating, it is suitable for anyone who wants to be physically active and wants to achieve excellent results in a short time.

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