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EAORON skincare products on sale at Priceline pharmacy in Australia

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EAORON skincare products on sale at Priceline pharmacy in Australia

May 12
01:15 2020

Applied to the skin, its hydrating effect is comparable to that of a medical-application acupuncture needle; it is made of New Zealand’s national treasure, a ten-piece “gold-grade” bee venom mask. Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 epidemic sweeping the world, Australian girls, who have the best skin care products in the world, chose to use the “face mask” to pass the sudden increase of home time.

A few days ago, the reporter learned that during the epidemic, Australia’s largest beauty pharmacy chain Priceline in Australia’s skincare sales do not fall but increase. Among them, the number one skincare brand in Australia, EAORON, has a number of popular products under its umbrella, have been snapped up to the stock rush.

It is reported that Priceline is known as the makeup table for Australian women, with more than 400 retail stores in Australia, more than 85% of Australian women come here to buy their own cosmetics, is a leading beauty sales brand in Australia. The recent release of the pharmacy’s latest sales data shows that since the outbreak of the Australian epidemic, the pharmacy’s skin care products sales were a “blowout” growth, masks, serums and other daily skin care products for women continue to sell hot. In particular, the Australian local brand EAORON sales data is particularly striking, the data show that, up to April 31, EAORON sales data growth of more than 10 times, its applicator hydrophilic needle, hydrophilic needle white mask, bee venom mask and other classic models were once bought out of stock, supply exceeded demand.

Recently, a reporter came to Sydney’s Priceline Pharmacy found that the store has been busy, gathered a lot of local girls who came to buy beauty products. And there is constant shopping in front of the shelves located at the entrance to the pharmacy. This is the exclusive shelf of EAORON, the above applied hydrophotoacupuncture, hydrophotoacupuncture white mask, bee venom mask and other products are the hottest skin care products in the pharmacy recently.

The amount of time people have been staying home has increased significantly in recent months due to the Australian outbreak, according to Anna, the store’s pharmacist. Faced with a long time at home, many local girls use this time to take care of their skin. Recently, the hottest social media in Australia has even produced a VLOG that teaches girls how to use this time to take care of their skin, which has become a local trend.

“Australia has the world’s toughest cosmetic access standards, so Australian girls generally do not choose other European and American skincare products, choose more pure and natural, better skincare effect of Australian local brands is almost every Australian young girls first choice. Among them, EAORON, Australia’s number one skincare brand, has a variety of explosive products, which are the most loved by everyone,” said Anna.

The reporter saw in front of the checkout counter, almost every shopping basket, there are two or three boxes of EAORON’s mask. ” Rush purchases began in early March, recently EAORON hydrophoric needles, hydrophoric needles white mask, and whitening black mask and other products in a day’s sales are 2-3 times higher than usual, inventory often runs out.” Anna stated.

“Previously, because of my irregular working hours and rest time, my skin suffered from allergies, yellowing, aging and many other problems. During the epidemic, I spent more time at home, and now I use EAORON’s skin care essences such as the Hydrating Needle and Bee Venom Mask every day to hydrate and repair my skin. The skin is now visible to the naked eye as white as ever, and many fine lines on the face have disappeared,” Ms Chen, who has settled in Australia for 10 years, said.

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