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Thailand’s Sangkawibha Institute Of Health (SIOH) is one of the leading medical organizations in Southeast Asia, having been awarded a number of honors

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Thailand’s Sangkawibha Institute Of Health (SIOH) is one of the leading medical organizations in Southeast Asia, having been awarded a number of honors

April 22
00:05 2020

Background of SIOH

Thailand is one of the leaders around the globe in terms of medical services, ranking at 6th place, where even the United States, Japan and other developed countries have praised Thailand’s for its medical capabilities. In addition, Thailand is the only country in Asia that has the medical technology of “regenerative medicine” as a “longevity paradise”, making it world-renowned.

The Sangkawibha Institute Of Health (SIOH) was established in September 2016 as a group of global experts, professors and researchers in comprehensive health, with a focus on precision health innovation, and now has extensive research collaborations with a number of medical institutions, schools and research centers in Asia, Europe and North America. SIOH is engaged in the strategic research in the health industry and technology innovation, dedicating to the promotion of new theories, new achievements, new technologies and new products in the health industry. It has done related researches in biomedicine, as well as health foods, medical equipment and other technological innovations.

Honors Received by SIOH

SIOH has received the “2019 Thailand Medical Research Excellence Award”, which was jointly awarded by Thailand Institute of Science and Technology (TISTR) and Bangkok Health Times magazine. It was reported that more than 30 organizations participated for the award, and SIOH overcame the others after the judgement of Thailand’s authoritative institutions. This has not only further strengthened SIOH Institute’s position as the leading research institute in Southeast Asia, it is also a good start for Hitacea’s all-round comprehensive health technology platform.

SIOH has also received the “2017 Global Health Research Innovation Award”, “2019 Thailand Science and Technology Award” and many other awards, making it a paradigm institution in the health industry.

Since SIOH’s establishment, it has maintained a close relationship with BDMS Group, Thailand’s leading healthcare company, and extensive research collaborations with JCI-certified medical institutions, medical schools and research centers around the world. In early 2019, SIOH began providing medical health consulting services to the Thai royal family. Next, SIOH is bidding on a public service announcement for the Cannes International Festival of Creativity’s Healthcare Lion in 2021 to spread the idea of comprehensive health around the world.

SIOH’s Patents

SIOH has been in the forefront of health research in Thailand, providing a stable foundation for the current health technology and industry development environment. Since its inception, SIOH has been recognized by the Thai Institute of Technology as a professional, having the ability to undertake many healthcare researches and development services, in which SIOH has registered many patents.

The patents include national science and technology patents such as “Gene Sequencing Patent” and “Health Data Model Patent”. Among them, the “Gene Sequencing Patent” is expected to be unveiled in May 2020, and the “Health Data Modeling Patent” has been successfully implemented through federal learning for data ownership, sharing and modeling, and is gradually being piloted in Southeast Asia. SIOH will continue to invest in R&D to create more healthcare technologies to satisfy the needs of comprehensive health in the global healthcare industry.

TOP healthcare from Thailand to the world

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, SIOH has been determined in the implementation of applications of comprehensive health technology and ecological strategy, embracing the world’s top technology with an open attitude, constantly innovate the solutions of comprehensive health, providing reliable scientific research power for the implementation of IoT, medical institutions and e-commerce. SIOH is aiming to become the new leader of the of comprehensive health industry, by providing a one-stop technology and solution platform for the whole industry chain, so that global users can enjoy the world’s best comprehensive health services!

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