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Creator of the Roomba About to Disrupt the Robot Mower Industry

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Creator of the Roomba About to Disrupt the Robot Mower Industry

April 01
18:20 2020
Creator of the Roomba About to Disrupt the Robot Mower Industry

Lower Portland, NSW – The robotic mower industry is about to get a major disruption with the planned release of the iRobot Terra t7 robot lawn mower. Roomba is set to introduce its latest masterpiece this year.

The Terra T7 mower’s major milestone is the use of a wire-free boundary system. The wire-free functionality makes the installation process more straightforward because there is no need to dig or install wires in the yard. The developer, iRobot, is the first in the industry to create a robot mower with no boundary wire. With this technology, the user can decide where the mower can or cannot reach.

In place of wire boundaries, this technology uses a GPS-based perimeter. Homeowners can place beacons around the lawn for easy synchronization. The company will be providing its certified technicians to set up the beacons and install a charging station in the yard. They also will be helping users to create a mowing schedule.

The iRobot Terra t7 lawn mower is a significant milestone in the mowing industry due to its smart capability to avoid obstacles. It can cut grass back-and-forth and in straight lines while maintaining high efficiency. This precision is possible with the application of imprint mapping technology that enables the mower to learn and map the yard.

With the recent surge in smartphone use around the globe, iRobot has gone ahead to make mowing smarter. They have incorporated an intelligent way to select the mowing schedule and grass height through the iRobot HOME App. This application installed in smartphones helps users customise the functionality of their Terra t7.

The design of the Terra t7 also equips it to handle tough terrain. This mower can work on rocky or bumpy lawns without getting damaged. It has enough power to withstand harsh conditions.

According to Robot Mower Center, iRobot plans to release this new mower later in the year. This device promises to be a breakthrough in the company’s quest to create a smarter and efficient lawnmower. Robot Mower Centers invites interested users to check its website for the latest updates and news on the product release date.

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