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Are Productivity and Cutting-edge technology closely linked? Using Big Data Analytics to enhance efficiency and productivity

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Are Productivity and Cutting-edge technology closely linked? Using Big Data Analytics to enhance efficiency and productivity

January 21
10:53 2020

At the Thought Leadership Theatre today, Madhu Hosadurga Rajanna, Director Analytics, Supply Chain, Schneider Electric India and Sabih Kidwai, Director, HR, Schneider Electric India delved into a very relevant topic for our times—how Big Data Analytics is enhancing efficiency and productivity.

The conversation began with a relevant question-what Artificial Intelligence actually means? AI is about machines that can self-learn based on experience and think and make decisions like humans with data input. Madhu, who has been in this field for the last 16 years, shared that human intelligence is a combination of memories: one based on experience and the other on genetics. We, humans, perform tasks that are based on our experiences. The question is if such experiences can be embedded into machines and turned into something useful?

Whether you talk about processing social media data or analyse buying patterns to understand consumer behaviour, everything that we do today is gathered in the form of data. When we feed such information into machines, they turn them into predictable, intelligent insights.

The conversation touched upon subjects like Robotic Process Automation, Cognitive Intelligence, Self-driving cars and focused on how data is being utilised in the industry to achieve productivity.

Talking about the role of AI in HR practices, Sabih stated how at Schneider Electric, we have developed an internal tool called Open Talent Market (OTM) to look for potential internal talent by analysing their skillsets, job descriptions and picking up subtle nuances of the role and recommending new roles.

From Robotic Surgery to Inventory optimisation, AI is applied in every sector. At Schneider Electric, with 200+ factories, data centres and more than 150000 employees that add to the complexity in operations, inventory optimisation helps in finding the balance of how much to stock to sustain operational efficiency. We took neural networks to analyse factors like supply index and geo-political data and information like trade war to find an optimum number on how much to stock.

On being asked how AI is evolving and impacting professionals, Madhu mentioned that every kind of machine, whether it was earth movers back in the day or software automation today, jobs have always been affected. With the arrival of AI, while clerical jobs are getting redundant, AI will help humans to come out of mundane, repetitive tasks and freeing up their energy to focus on higher-value, creative side of their work.

Whether AI poses a threat to jobs, both Sabih and Madhu believed that technology will complement, support and make humans effective. Where humans possess the ability to be creative, make emotionally intelligent decisions like delivering justice, machines can be orchestrated to process enormous information.

Talking about the future of AI, both Madhu and Sabih believed that skills would change, and jobs would transition to the next-level, where creativity and empathy will play a significant role. Organisations will build systems that will focus on these human aspects and pick up signs whether a person demonstrates the right talent for a job.

Session 2: Venkat Garimella, VP Strategy & CSR, Schneider Electric India joined in a special conversation with Jyoti Patel, Field Supervisor; Jitendra Kumawat, Entrepreneur; Monu Rawat, Entrepreneur at the Thought Leadership Theatre—on how energy and energy related businesses are keeping lives empowered. What was unique about them was that they have all been skilled at Schneider Electric Training Institutes.

The discussion opened with a wonderful line that Electricity is a boon for mankind. However, 90 crore people do not have access to energy. Schneider Electric believes that access to energy and digital are basic human rights. There are almost 10 lakh youth coming to cities to earn livelihood, every month, however, only a small percentage of them are educated. More so, only less than 2% have skills relevant for the industry. This special panel had inspiring people like Jyoti, Jitendra and Monu, who are great examples of youth that benefitted immensely from Electrician Training Centres across India, an initiative undertaken by Schneider Electric to skill young people.

Jyoti, a woman in her early twenties, works as a Field Supervisor because she wanted to do something meaningful in her life and chose the electrician course, despite challenges of travelling 30 kilometres from her village to the training centre.

Today, Jitendra, a 26-year-old youth is running his own Hybrid Inverter shop, post his completion of the training course. And like Jitendra, Monu is also an entrepreneur who always dreamed of running his own business. He realised that in business, one could earn from 10 thousand to 10 lakh rupees.  From a modest amount of 15,000 INR to start his shop, today he earns an income of more than 1 lakh. Monu is a wonderful example of someone who went from being an employment seeker to an employment creator.

On being asked about their dreams, Jitendra expressed his goal of expanding his business three times over and Monu too plans to grow his shop. Jyoti said she will keep pursuing her dreams. With six people reporting to her today, guiding them and managing the work, she would like to see herself leading bigger teams in the future.

The session saw an incredible journey of these three people, overcoming obstacles and earning a respectable livelihood for themselves.

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