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Human Beings Should Be Aware of the Unknown while Exploring It

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Human Beings Should Be Aware of the Unknown while Exploring It

January 16
14:56 2020

We are in the era of science and technology. The progress of science and technology is not only a powerful lever for the development of social productivity, but also a driving force for the change of people’s ideas. When people become very rich, we feel that social civilization is also improved. People pay more and more attention to the quality of life, ecological environment, climate change and other issues, which can be seen from the details of nutrition and diet, fitness and entertainment, energy conservation and emission reduction, etc. Although there are different countries, races and cultures in the world, all people share the same aspiration to pursue a better life. We human beings always yearn for a peaceful and steady life with abundant food and clothing, national prosperity and world peace. We hope that future generations will live and thrive on the earth. Facing the evolution of life and the change of species on the earth, we, as human beings, certainly do not want to suffer the fate of extinction like dinosaurs. We began to worry about ecological issues, environmental pollution, global warming, glacier melting and nuclear war. Modern civilization brings crises and disasters while benefiting humans. We have to ask: “Will it cause human extinction? What will the earth look like in the future?”

According to the development law of nature in the past, living things develop in a circular way. Any life goes through coming into existence, development, domination of the world to extinction. Human beings are no exception. However, human beings have only six million years of history since their origin. It is undeniable that human beings will rule the earth for a period of time. As for how long they will rule, time and nature will tell. Basically, man is a natural product. He should have done what he should in accordance with the development of nature. Like other creatures, he should have adapted to the laws of nature and lived accord with the custom and law on the earth. However, due to their nature, the human beings who are born with creativity are not satisfied. They call themselves “advanced life” because they can make tools. The intelligent human beings have invented many high-tech products with wisdom, from passively adapting to the environment to actively transforming nature. We can’t deny that science and technology have changed history and people’s life and made a qualitative leap in the development of human society. But everything has its limits, beyond which good things can become bad.

For a very long time, human beings have been cocooning themselves. We used to think ourselves great, focusing on the immediate interests while ignoring its consequences, destroying natural areas and wasting resources; we invented and used Freon refrigerant, which inadvertently caused the generation and expansion of Antarctic ozone hole and global warming and other serious problems; we dumped sewage, polluted water and destroyed the ecology; we discharged waste gas, polluted the atmosphere and endangered our health. The earth issued a warning long ago, but human beings are insensitive and have not fully reflected on it. Some of the “elites” with excellent intelligence are still immersed in their own high-tech inventions and feel self-satisfied, but they are not aware that some of inventions seeming great actually hide huge risks. The inventions may accidentally lose control completely and bring about extinction. If humans continue to behave willfully, the destruction of the earth and mankind is inevitable, and they are not far ahead!

Nature will punish man for his iniquity. As natural disasters come one after another, human beings have to pay attention to environmental pollution and ecological balance, which are far from enough. We should be more wary of man-made disasters—side effects of the development of science and technology. Science and technology is as powerful as a tiger. It has great power, so its influence will produce fission effect, spread to the whole world. A little carelessness easily causes terrible consequences, even human extinction.

Most people choose not to believe or even sneer at the view that science and technology will exterminate human beings, but often the truth is in the hands of a few people. They dare to think of what ordinary people don’t dare to do. Their profound knowledge makes them have a unique forward-looking vision, and their meticulous thinking makes them see through the appearance to perceive the essence. Mr. Hu Jiaqi, a famous Chinese anthropologist, is one of them. His over 40 years of research shows that the irrational development of science and technology will soon exterminate human beings. Mr. Hu Jiaqi’s and many others believe that. In fact, many scientists around the world have realized this serious problem. It it a fact that the further development of science and technology will have the ability to exterminate human beings.

For example, many scientists think that the nano robots developed by nanotechnology will exterminate human beings if the program is out of control and nano robots replicate themselves infinitely; the biological weapons transformed by genetic engineering will exterminate human beings if the super plague spreads; the artificial intelligence programs will also exterminate human beings if they are out of control or their self-consciousness is awakened. At present, science and technology are still developing at a high speed, and the power of scientific and technological achievements at a higher level will be greater. Therefore, it is time for all mankind to act in a unified way and strictly restrict the development of science and technology!

On November 1, 2019, Save Human Action Organization (SHAO) has been officially established by Mr. Hu Jiaqi. It is an international non-governmental organization registered in the United States. According to the organization, the uncontrolled development of science and technology must soon exterminate human beings, so the world must be unified to strictly restrict the development of science and technology. If the existing safe and mature science and technology widely spread to the world, it is enough to ensure that all human beings are well-fed and well-clothed. Human beings can’t be too greedy. If they ask from science and technology endlessly, they will be punished. Man must awaken as a whole. SHAO is committed to promoting a movement of awakening for all mankind in a peaceful way. Only by realizing the great unity of mankind, adopting the power of the world regime and firmly limiting the development of science and technology, can we save mankind from extinction.


Numb human beings urgently need to be awakened by a heavy hammer. Change or destruction? There is not much time left for us to choose! Science and technology is a double-edged sword, which can bring benefits to human beings while possibly destroy them. When facing science and technology, we should be aware of the unknown. We should know when to stop and have sense of propriety, because human beings are quite close to extinction.

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