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BNC main network public chain is on line strongly, POC hard disk mining brings global digital financial vitality

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BNC main network public chain is on line strongly, POC hard disk mining brings global digital financial vitality

December 12
21:15 2019

With the continuous innovation of blockchain technology and the rapid development of digital asset trading market, the application scenarios of blockchain also tend to be diversified, which requires higher and higher performance of the existing public chain.

According to the development needs of the encryption economy era, bit storage BNC has launched a variety of on chain and off chain governance schemes, focusing on improving the processing speed and throughput design. As an application platform with blockchain digital asset transaction as the core business, BNC has built a new certification system through capacity proof node network, which has good reputation and economic and technical strength guarantee in the industry.

It is reported that the main network of BNC public chain will be launched simultaneously in more than 20 countries in January 2020. At that time, BNC research and development team also held an overseas roadshow abroad to discuss blockchain technology with industry insiders and jointly promote the prosperity and development of digital economy.

BNC innovates under the original utxo model of BTC and establishes POC mechanism. Its consensus algorithm is upgraded to cpoc (conditional proof of capacity) on the basis of burst poc2 (proof of capacity), and the burden of accounting node is reduced by conditional proof of capacity.

In POC, due to the relatively linear maintenance of hardware and small power consumption, it can effectively reduce the cost of trust, increase consensus expansion, and perfectly avoid the problems of power resource waste and AISC mining machine industry. Different from the traditional mining mechanism of POW and POS, the biggest highlight of BNC mining economic model is to take the storage space on the chain as a public resource, and enable the status storage space of 53 million bytes in the main network by issuing 53 million BNC token. Holding token can write any data or contract in the storage space. At the same time, miners mine to obtain and use token as a new production material instead of the original power consumption resources, ultimately making the whole ecology of BNC constantly expand.

Compared with other public chains, BNC has a clear application direction. It uses bitcoinnc blockchain network to automate the management of digital assets, and through the principles of smart contract, distributed storage and cryptography, it enables the application of multi-element DAPP, such as electronic gold, games, gambling, medical insurance, marriage and love, to build value carriers with social consensus such as physical assets, equity, currency, etc With the power certification on the chain and the circulation of BNC tokens, the use, exchange and transfer of the global value of asset certificates can be realized, and with the team’s profound technology precipitation, the future development of BNC is very expected.

We believe that in the near future, BNC will not only make great achievements in linking the financing channels of small and medium-sized enterprises in the world, but also in its own BNC financial ecosystem, truly realize the landing of various blockchain application scenarios, and make the global digital finance glow in a new round, with its unique superconducting trading mode, efficient transaction processing speed and the world’s leading computing power mining pool Vigorous vitality.

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