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ThunderChain Partners with the Naresuan University to Empower 490+ Medical Institutions with Blockchain-based Solutions

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ThunderChain Partners with the Naresuan University to Empower 490+ Medical Institutions with Blockchain-based Solutions

August 15
20:22 2019

August 15, 2019 – ThunderChain, China’s leading open-source blockchain platform, announced a partnership with the Naresuan University of Thailand to deploy ThunderChain’s consortium chain solution in order to support 490 medical facilities managed, directly or indirectly, by the Naresuan University Hospital for the management of their patient data. The system offers interconnection and traceability in addition to the protection of patient privacy, facilitating the implementation of a health information system (HIS) in Thailand. 

As a top-ranking public university in Thailand, the Naresuan University is managing and aligning with  more than 490 medical facilities directly or indirectly in Phitsanulok Province, including clinics and community-based hospitals, to receive 2,000 patients on a daily basis and serve a population of approx. 1 million. The fact that these medical facilities are geographically dispersed, together with the sheer size of patient information and different HIS standards, makes it difficult for data interconnection and management among them, resulting in information silos for patient records. However, data retrieval among different HIS systems could lead to patient privacy being compromised with an adverse impact on patient experience and medical service quality.  

With ThunderChain’s technical support, the Naresuan University creates a generic data access layer for the databases of its medical facilities to support database-independent access of patient data and break down the “walls” among different facilities to enable information interconnection. Healthcare providers in remote areas will be able to obtain patient data from higher-level hospitals and provide accurate analysis of the patient’s conditions by leveraging equal access to information. Blockchain, as a distributed and traceable system, will also ensure that patient records not to be tampered with, as any change to information will be stored, resulting in offences being more costly. In the event of a medical incident, this provides a credible chain of custody.

Meanwhile, leveraging ThunderChain’s privacy protection technology, the platform uses a two-level authentication scheme for the management of patient records. When a patient record is being requested, the patient may authorize access using Key Management System (KMS) to ensure that HIS patient data is made available to the authorized healthcare provider, thus fully protecting data security and patient privacy.

Dr. Paisarn, head of the DoctorX Project, stressed the need for privacy protection and authentication in serving more than one million of people as well as for a better user experience. Therefore, the technical team is expected to deliver more than just a technical solution. They need to sort out the basic logic of usage and the interaction scenarios. The ThunderChain team has demonstrated both excellent expertise and rich experience in implementing the technology to make this cooperation a great success. 

The Naresuan University is planning to expand its service from Phitsanulok Province to five provinces, covering 750 medical facilities and receiving 10,000 patients on a daily basis. ThunderChain’s blockchain technology will benefit nearly 1,000 medical facilities and millions of patients and deliver a fully-featured, convenient and safe experience for Thailand’s healthcare industry.

Industry insiders believe that this cooperation has fully demonstrated ThunderChain’s technical strengths and service capabilities. As a China-based leading blockchain, ThunderChain has achieved a number of major breakthroughs, including the capabilities to handle millions of transactions per second (TPS) and the traceable privacy protection solution. In addition, ThunderChain has rich experience in implementing blockchain-based solutions for a dozen of market sectors such as copyright protection, traceability, public welfare, insurance, transportation, gene, supply chain and new retailing, etc. ThunderChain is a blockchain solution partner to more than 30 governmental and business organizations, including the Copyright Protection Center of China, South New Media and One Foundation, etc.

Now, ThunderChain is enjoying a growing presence overseas by exploring a wider array of scenarios, building up technical strengths in designing multi-level blockchain-based solutions and demonstrating a proven track record of serving multi-faceted needs of different social systems. Meanwhile, this project provides references for boosting interconnection among China’s health information systems and improving the quality of medical services, for there are similar problems facing hospitals in China, especially in remote areas with limited resources.

With the influence of China’s blockchain technology increasingly radiating all over the world, this technological innovation will help fuel growth in various sectors, benefit more people and promote global industrial upgrading. Meanwhile, China will continue to play a leading role in the field of blockchain as the next generation of Internet. 

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