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CloudBB Develops a Quicker, Smoother and Safer Process for Student Pick Ups

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CloudBB Develops a Quicker, Smoother and Safer Process for Student Pick Ups

August 15
19:44 2019

CloudBB is proud to present its unparalleled highlight and polished implementation, the Pick Up feature, which would provide the much-needed transparency to bridge the gap between student whereabouts, staff members, drivers and parents in the entire daycare pickup process. No child would ever be forgotten during an after school pick up with CloudBB student pickup management software.

Greatly Simplify After-school Administrators’ Workflow

• Manage Pickup Plans Systematically

It is possible to manage the pickup plans in a single location, with no need to waste time navigating to find what the users need. All enrollment data and pickup plans will be generated automatically from the online registration form directly. Staff, admins or parents can easily check or update pickup plans in bulk for each enrolled student on a single page.

• Specify School Bell Schedules Quickly

CloudBB enables the users to quickly specify the start time and duration of one or more instructional periods in each day of an academic calendar year. Users can adjust and edit schedules such as Regular Days (routine school schedule), Minimum Days (earlier than regular days), Holidays (learning centers are not in session) and No School Days (planned personal drops offs to the after school).

• Create Monthly Pickup Tasks Easily

Easily create multiple monthly pickup tasks based on existing pickup plans, which helps to reduce the amount of manual data entry and give the users more time to focus on other tasks. CloudBB empowers users to update, edit, create and even reproduce monthly pickup tasks.

• Keep Everyone Always in the Loop

Stay informed whether the intraday driver is changed, the pickups are canceled, or the additional task lists are pushed out to drivers. Any change or cancellation of the student pick plans will be updated synchronously to after school administrators, drivers and parents. Additional notifications like instant SMS, E-mails and updates via CloudBB after school pick up program keeps everyone always in the loop to ensure all three parties don’t miss any vital updates.

• Generate Powerful Pickup Reports

It is convenient to generate multi-site reports of pickups. Schools can manage and pay pickup payroll based on each driver’s actual pickup task while parents can also view and pay pickup fees based on actual pickup record.

Largely Improve Drivers’ Pickup Performance

• Stream Driver’s Homepage Seamlessly

Monthly pickup tasks can be shown on the homepage to drivers seamlessly, including date, school, numbers of students needing pickup and their names. New task updates can be also seen on the driver’s homepage in real time. In other words, the corresponding driver can reach the latest pickup task lists whenever and wherever possible.

• Receive Pickup Task Notifications Timely

Daily pickup task notifications will be sent to the driver via email in time, which allows for the easy and quick access of information.

• Complete Pickups Effectively

When drivers arrive for pickups, they can access the latest daily pickup task lists via the BB School mobile app. Vital information such as pickup times, school, and the number of students needing a pickup will be provided so that no omission will occur. Once drivers have completed the pickup tasks, the check-in can be processed within a simple clicking on the student’s name!

Give Parents Peace of Mind

• Update Pickup Status Agilely

Once the students were picked up, parents can view the latest pickup status simultaneously on BB Parents app. Parents will know when and who picked their children up. No more headaches and frayed nerves as CloudBB school pick up app eliminates parent frustration and ensure each student gets the secure pickup.

Every school has experienced chaos and confusion at the student pick up process. Hence, the innovative pick up software helps to organize and streamline the entire pick up process and makes things easier for everyone involved. More importantly, all parties firmly run after “safety and security”. Therefore, CloudBB happens to enhance the safety and security of each child during the pickup process and render better childcare management. Develops a Quicker, Smoother and Safer Process for Student Pick Ups.

“We keep striving to turn the childcare management into a pleasant experience with a reliable childcare management app. CloudBB definitely develops a quicker, smoother and safer pick up process for parents, students and administrators,” spoke Martin Sun, CloudBB founder, “CloudBB with ‘secure pickup’ function proudly comes to achieve your goals- safety for students, breeze for parents and relief for schools.”

About CloudBB

CloudBB, the leading provider of child care management software, comes with a lot of powerful features to run your daycare center, after school and summer camp in an innovative and efficient way.

Student Pickup Management System – a reliable pickup management system that provides the much-needed transparency and security to bridge the gap between student whereabouts, staff members, drivers and parents.

Childcare Management Software & App – the most comprehensive all-in-one integrated solution to streamline every process and provide the crucial transparency for everyone involved beginning with initial enrollment, to the pickup process of students, to sign in-out, to parent connect, and to the final invoicing stage.

More and more after school and childcare programs adopt CloudBB as the ultimate software to handle many of the logistical nightmares and improve childcare management.

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