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What kind of product form will make ONEDAO stand out?

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What kind of product form will make ONEDAO stand out?

April 24
20:44 2023

The needs of DAOs are different. For different DAO types, the final product form will be quite different in terms of protocols, interfaces, functions, marketing, etc. In today’s market, the most popular trend is specializing in a certain field and develop a specific preferred product. In fact, various types of DAO tools currently have followed this idea. Therefore, the comprehensive consideration from vertical to horizontal is very important.

The vertical focus refers to a specific type of DAO (biased to the specific functions of DAO: such as protocol DAO, social DAO, NFT player DAO, etc.). Horizontal focus refers to specific tools for different types of DAOs (biased towards infrastructure: e.g. governance, treasury management, salaries, contributor onboarding, etc.). However, the competition in each field is very fierce and leading products have emerged. Narrowing the focus to be the main solution for a specific use case, developing tools at the intersection of vertical and horizontal and expanding from there could be a great solution. ONEDAO’s solution is to provide a one-stop solution with as many frequently-used functions as possible (but it will not too complicated) which is preferred by more “rookie” user groups.

Therefore, ONEDAO focuses its functions on three major sections: a one-stop Web3 native project (DAO) tool platform integrating DAO creation/framework + operation and task management + Web3 native advertising & marketing platform/user growth marketing tools.

  • DAO creation/framework- Framework: An integrated platform that provides a fully functional DAO framework, providing a function from creating DAO, step-by-step startup, operation management, etc. The final form of ONEDAO should be a self-sustaining protocol DAO (the above-mentioned life cycle is all run on the chain), or a superstructure (an encryption protocol that can run free and forever, without maintenance, without interruption, no intermediary required).
  • DAO Operations/Task Management — Contribution & Reputation: Task management platform (but the final form is to become a visual collaboration tool), which can create a shared perspective for any project to manage tasks and members. Managing Web3 native projects through certification/onboarding, task release, token payment, or other forms of rewards that can be completed online. At the same time, the behavior contributed by each user will be accurately recorded and last forever.
  • User Growth/Marketing — Marketing: The simple intuitive feeling for common users is to get rewards by doing tasks, but in fact the integrity is too much more than that. The final form is to provide a series of simple and easy-to-use task creation and release tool templates for business users to support the marketing intention of the project party. The focus is on growth services, helping project parties continue to do things that are conducive to growth around customer acquisition, retention, and activity, rather than simply providing task templates. The core is to provide SaaS services involving the whole process of marketing, and to solve the marketing demands of entrepreneurs or project parties in one stop.

In short, ONEDAO will provide a platform for Web3 native individual users to participate in DAO project operations and contribute. Users can find their own suitable tasks and DAO organizations according to their skills and orientation. The user’s own behavior and contribution will be accurately recorded and gradually improved into a certificate, lowering the threshold of trust and communication with the demand side, and ordinary users will receive accurate rewards based on their own behavior and contribution.

Provide full-chain support for builders or teams who want to create, manage and market DAO projects in a convenient one-stop way, and provide continuous enrichment of templates and even customized services to provide continuous support for such users.

At the same time, we are very happy to announce that the first closed beta version of ONEDAO dAPP will be launched in a very short time. Stay with us for the latest updates.

Thanks so much for your love and support.




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