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Piurify Water Hydrogenator Features Innovative Technology And Health Benefits

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Piurify Water Hydrogenator Features Innovative Technology And Health Benefits

March 23
05:24 2023

Piurify Water Hydrogenator uses Solid Polymer Electrolyte and Proton Exchange Membrane, an electrolysis technology to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen using an electrical current. The generated hydrogen gas is then bubbled through or infused into the water, creating hydrogen-rich water.

Piurify is a water filter jug designed for residential use. The hydrogen water machine produces water with added molecular hydrogen (H2) gas. The features of hydrogen water filter are:

In-built eco-friendly calcium sulfite filter 

The filter effectively removes chlorine from water. Chlorine is commonly used in municipal water treatment systems to kill bacteria and other microorganisms, but it can also cause an unpleasant taste and odor in the water. 

Calcium sulfite filters can help improve the taste and odor of the water by removing chlorine. It even reduces other contaminants in the water, including heavy metals like lead and mercury, as well as sediment and other impurities. 

It is a natural antioxidant that can help protect the body against the harmful effects of free radicals. Drinking water that has been filtered with a calcium sulfite filter may therefore provide additional health benefits.

Innovative Vortex Technology [Integrated mixer]

Vortex technology infuses oxygen into the water to increase its oxygen content. The process involves creating a vortex in the water using a specialized in-built vortex generator or integrated mixer, which increases the surface area of the water in contact with air, allowing for more efficient oxygenation.

The swirling motion outgases carbon dioxide and other dissolved volatile compounds. It increases the pH levels and retains hydrogen three times longer. 

This technology has the potential to increase the oxygen content of hydrogenated water, which may have health benefits such as improved hydration and increased energy levels. 

Self-cleaning feature 

The process usually involves activating the cleaning mode located on the sensitive touch panel. It causes an electrical current to flow through the water and produce a cleaning solution of hydrogen and oxygen gas. This gas mixture then reacts with the water to form hydrogen peroxide, which acts as a natural disinfectant.

The hydrogen peroxide solution is circulated throughout the hydrogen infused water machine, using the jug’s internal pump, to clean and sanitize the interior surfaces of the container. After a set period, the cleaning cycle ends and the jug is drained & rinsed with fresh water to remove any residual cleaning solution.

The self-cleaning feature in a hydrogenated water jug can help to maintain a high level of hygiene and water quality. Use this feature after every 10 hydrogen-infused cycles to remove any impurities or bacteria that may accumulate over time.

Infusion level for pure hydrogen in the water

The digital display reveals a touch button for –

  • Standard infusion – 8 minutes

  • Strong infusion – 13 minutes

Piurify hydrogen alkaline water machine manufacturers claim that drinking hydrogenated water has various health benefits 

  • Detoxes the body

  • Powerful anti-oxidants from hydrogenated water eliminate free radicals.

  • Helps in weight loss because hydrogenated water neutralizes acidic waste

  • Better absorption of water, so better skin hydration  

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Improves athletic performance

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Increases mental clarity

  • Slows the aging process

1.5 liter of hydrogenated-rich water is equivalent to 38 carrots or 75 bananas or 516 apples… order Piurify to enjoy its benefits!

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