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Arrtx Introduces the First Luxurious 48-Color Soft Pastels Set

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Arrtx Introduces the First Luxurious 48-Color Soft Pastels Set

March 23
01:45 2023
48-Color Soft Pastels Set helps lessen the chalk dust and brighten up your art life

Shenzhen, China – March 22nd, 2023 – Arrtx, a fast-growing art material brand dedicated to providing professional yet affordable art supplies, announced the first luxurious 48-Color Soft Pastels Set, bringing less dust and more smooth-painting experiences where they can visually and physically keep desired firmness and velvety smoothness to art creators.


Much Less Dust

The whole set delivers less chalk dust than traditional pastels that are well suited to blending, layering on plenty of colors, and for painterly effects. More importantly, Arrtx redefines the process of pastel drawing: lessening the annoyed dust, then a neat artwork is born.


4 Dozen Gorgeous Color

48 gorgeous highly-pigmented hues in a smooth consistency make blending, layering, stippling, and gradients easy. A coloring feast provides plenty of choices ranging from yellows to a few oranges and dark blues, greens, browns, and grays. The landscape and portraiture drawings can both go glowing with these sticks.


Last the Beauty Forever

Thanks to its excellent adhesion, the soft pastel allows the artwork to last decades on multi-surfaces, including polymer clay coloring, shrink coloring, sidewalk art creation, and beautiful nail art. All Beauty Lasts Forever is what Arrtx advocates and pursues as a fast-growing art supplier.

Velvety Texture

Each stick made of pure pigments mixed with high-quality kaolin clay gives the paste a velvet and buttery consistency. In other words, they are easy to use for underlayers, then build solid coats or backgrounds while blending and scumbling, taking you through artwork from start to finish.


Chic & Exquisite Package

The pastels come in a foam cushion, ensuring it is well-organized and safe. In addition, the exquisite box makes it an ideal present for all holidays.


Apart from that, Arrtx 48-Color Soft Pastels Set also features:

l Affordable prize

l Excellent lightfastness

l Work perfectly on a variety of mediums

Pricing and Availability

The 48-Color Soft Pastels Set is available beginning on February 16th for Amazon customers in the United States and will be global across Arrtx AliExpress throughout March 2023. For more information, please visit the shop links below: 

Amazon CA US UK  


About Arrtx

Founded in 2015 as a high-qualified art material manufacturer specializing in a variety of unique art supplies such as acrylic makers, colored pencils, and watercolor pens, ARRTX has now become an art tool innovator of gadgets for kids, painters, young artists, and more. Driven by the mission of helping all beauty last forever, Arrtx dedicates to providing premium yet affordable products without compensating for their superb quality.

To learn more about Arrtx, visit or follow @arrtxart on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

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