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Dr. Drina Fried Releases New Program to Help People Release Negative Emotions

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Dr. Drina Fried Releases New Program to Help People Release Negative Emotions

March 16
06:40 2023
Authority on bullying, suicide, homicide, and psychological well being, Dr. Fried is helping people to stop that harm.

Las Vegas, NV, USA – March 15, 2023 – As an answer to the rising call of distress in our nation, Dr. Drina Fried, Ed.D., in private practice and school psychology for 32 years, presents a new program to release negative emotions safely.. The Offensiveless Defense™ Course, designed by best selling author of the book “End Suicide and Homicide – And The Harm in Between,” ( is designed to avert suicides and homicides. Dr. Fried provides a roadmap to transform negative ideas into desirable safe outcomes.

In 2020, 12.2 million in the United States contemplated committing suicide. Additionally, 3.2 million made a suicide plan, 1.2 million attempted suicide and nearly 46,000 people died by suicide in the same year. Suicide accounts for more deaths than car accidents per year.

Additionally, there were 1.4 million emergency department visits for assault in 2020, with 19,384 firearm homicides and 24,576 total homicide deaths in 2020.

Dr. Drina Fried states that “the problem today is distress. The Offensiveless Defense™ course shows exactly how to clear out past negative emotions, enabling freedom to do anything, “as long as you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else.”

“If parents knew how to communicate well with their children from this moment forward, innumerable suicides and homicides would not occur,” Dr. Fried explained. “First, know that people rarely, if ever, improve with blame, reproach, and/or attack. The only course teaches how to let someone know that it’s not acceptable behavior, and not in their best interest, either.”

Offensive-less defense stops the attack without attacking people’s emotions.

Dr. Fried hopes people will use offensive-less defense to protect themselves and others under your influence. There are multitudes of offensive-less defense responses. It’s a matter of replying from the heart with the idea of doing no harm, and what you focus on determines your happiness.

To learn more or to get your free gift, visit Dr. Fried online at

About Dr. Drina Fried

Dr. Drina Fried, Ed.D., school psychologist of the year award winner, is a respected school psychologist of 32 years for districts in Webster, New York, and Kern County, California. She previously worked for 25 years in private practice in individual, marriage, and family therapy. With a doctorate in education and counseling psychology from the University of the Pacific, CA, Dr. Fried graduated with a Cum laude BA and Master’s degree from SUNY at Buffalo New York.

With a specialization in getting rid of negative emotions, such as depression, fear, and anger, Dr. Fried helps parents, teachers, and young people lead more productive and happier lives. Additionally, Dr. Fried has the unique ability to take someone who has been contemplating suicide, or someone wanting to harm somebody else (emotionally or physically), and turn their thinking around so that they can get back on track to living well.

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