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From White House Intern to Law Firm Founder – Ariel Rofeim Emerges as a True Advocate For the People

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From White House Intern to Law Firm Founder – Ariel Rofeim Emerges as a True Advocate For the People

March 07
23:20 2023
Ariel Rofeim is an award-winning speaker, former White House Intern for President Obama, and is now the founder of his law firm Rofeim | Law, APC.

Immediately after finishing Law school, Ariel Rofeim, a former White House intern under President Obama, founded Rofeim|Law to help Californians protect their legal rights against corporate insurance companies. With a personal touch and an attorney’s guidance at every step, Rofeim represents his clients throughout the entire legal process, differentiating himself from billboard firms that substitute legal guidance with case managers and paralegals.

“At Rofeim | Law, we are leaving the “case managers” for the billboard guys. Here, you get a dedicated attorney every step of the way — from injury to recovery,” said Ariel Rofeim.

After witnessing the benefits of proper healthcare while working on the Affordable Care Act, Rofeim is committed to standing up against corporate greed and helping vulnerable individuals who have suffered catastrophic injuries. Rofeim believes these individuals are often preyed upon by “big box” personal injury firms and undervalued by insurance companies, so he has made it his mission to ensure they receive maximum compensation, care, and guidance throughout their legal battle. 

Ariel Rofeim was sworn in by the Mayor of Beverly Hills, Lili Bosse, on January 13, 2023. 

The Mayor of Beverly Hills said online “It was MY honor to administer the oath to Ariel Rofeim,Esq. It has been a challenging week with power outages, landlines down, flooding and other issues that so many have been facing but as life often does, a light may appear when we least expect it. As the Rofeim family asked if I would take the time, they gave me the gift. When I asked Ariel why he choose law school, he took my breath away by sharing his gratitude to his immigrant parents. His father from Iran and his mom from Ukraine. He knew his strength, resilience and love of justice is because of their journey and he was going to pay the goodness forward . So, with a hard hard week, he and his family was my light and hope for our future.”

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About the founder of Rofeim|Law – Ariel Rofeim

Ariel Rofeim was born in Los Angeles, California. He is the son of Jewish refugees who left their home countries for a better life in the US. His parents sacrificed their prosperous careers to provide their children with opportunities. Growing up with hard-working parents, he empathizes with clients and understands the extent that their injuries impact their daily lives. He learned the importance of hard work, respect, and the responsibilities that underpin the privileges of being a first-generation American. 

Ariel’s feats and achievements include interning at the White House under President Obama, advising the Office of White House Fellows, and the Domestic Policy Council. President Obama tasked Rofeim with improving outreach alongside the Affordable Care Act by ensuring each and every American who wrote to The White House would be heard. On behalf of President Obama, Rofeim personally reached out to hundreds of people throughout the country who had turned to The White House during their most desperate times and worked to accelerate their circumstances towards a resolution. 

Ariel’s law journey began as a Beverly Hills Police Department explorer and Platoon Leader for 45 recruits. He graduated from UC Berkeley, excelled at the University of Cambridge (UK), and completed law school within two years. After graduating from law school, Rofeim was recruited by one of the state’s top insurance defense firms. Now, he runs his law firm specializing in catastrophic injury & trauma while fighting on the other side of the legal aisle. 

Beyond his legal work, Rofeim has been a consistent leader in every community he has been a part of. In college, he was the only Jewish voice from within his school’s Arab Student Union, and in law school he became President of the Chabad of Brooklyn Heights, where he worked to strengthen relationships between orthodox and reform observers of the Jewish faith. Today, he is a member of several professional organizations, including the American Association for Justice, the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, and the Beverly Hills Bar Association.

About Rofeim | Law

Rofeim | Law specializes in representing victims of catastrophic injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and wrongful death. The areas of practice include catastrophic injury, vehicle accidents and property damage. 

To get in touch with Rofeim | Law, visit:

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