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Kühler Technologies, Inc. Develops Novel Methodology for Core Temperature Cooling and Enhanced Physiological Performance

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Kühler Technologies, Inc. Develops Novel Methodology for Core Temperature Cooling and Enhanced Physiological Performance

March 07
02:28 2023
Pre-production pricing on Kühler is available until April 15th, 2023.

Kühler Technologies, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of their handheld performance-enhancing device: KühlerTM.  Kühler accelerates core temperature cooling during exercise by rapidly extracting heat from the hand. As discovered by Stanford researchers, the palms of hands function as radiators, designed to dissipate excess body heat quickly.  Active palm cooling greatly accelerates core temperature cooling, restoring the enzyme activity required for peak muscle contraction, and promoting greater strength, better endurance, and faster recovery. 

Co-founder, engineer, and pro athlete Braeden Ostepchuk came up with the idea for the personal,portable, palm-cooling device after hearing about the principle of palmar cooling on Stanford researcher Dr. Andrew Huberman’s podcast. “The results seemed too good to be true,” started Ostepchuk, a former professional hockey goalie and biohacking podcaster. “But scientific research from Stanford and other notable universities showed that palm-cooling in between sets and in between sprints improved strength, endurance, and recovery by an astonishing margin.” He initially tried the theory out with just a few pieces of copper pipe.  “I could not believe the immediate difference it made in my workouts… I knew then that Kühler was a viable idea that could easily and effectively improve athletic performance.”

Similar technologies have come to market recently, but their design, size, weight, and cost make them impractical for most athletes, weightlifters, and runners. Kühler overcomes these challenges as a compact, lightweight, handheld device that does not require ice, water, or pre-cooling in a fridge or freezer. It provides on-demand cooling with an entire week’s worth of use on just one battery charge. 

“Kühler is the world’s first portable, handheld heat-sink,” said Dr. Brian Bradke, Ph.D., a former USAF F-16 pilot, Stanford triathlete, and Professor of Engineering.  “Computers, TVs, and cellphones all have heat sinks to dissipate heat into the environment and improve their performance.  Kühler is essentially the same thing, but for your body.” He went on to explain: “Other palm cooling products are big, they’re bulky, and they pump a coolant of some kind into a hand unit or a glove.  From an engineering standpoint, I love the simplicity and ease of Kühler… and I was amazed by the results.” After seeing it for himself, Dr. Bradke, who was one of Braeden’s engineering professors and faculty advisor, suggested they launch a company and bring the product to market together.

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