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Patsy Sanders Turns Celebrity Client into Blushing Bride

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Patsy Sanders Turns Celebrity Client into Blushing Bride

March 06
08:00 2023

Redding, CA, USA – March 6, 2023 – Celebrity stylist, Patsy Sanders, works with speakers and authors helping them to create the perfect wardrobe, on stage and off. She gets her clients to fall in love with what’s in their closets. When she was forced to close down her makeover studio during the pandemic, Sanders didn’t realize how big the blessing was going to be, allowing her to expand her business by serving her clients virtually.

“I realized everyone was doing virtual meetings online to keep their businesses going. I was praying to God about what to do to keep my image-styling business going, and I got a message to keep going. I offered beta testing with 2 different women from different states, and with another friend who brought a few friends together. I sent them my proprietary color-typing kit to help them shop online, and we did their “Closet-Review” using their phone or computers,” said Sanders. “It was so exciting to see that I could help people outside of my area. Now, I have clients in Canada, Europe, Portugal, and all over the United States. I’ve turned into an International Image Stylist.”

Sanders has been able to create ongoing relationships with her clients, and many continue to work with her for years. She offers a Client Check-In on a regular basis to update wardrobes for each season, using her Element Color Palette to help her clients stay current with what’s going on in their business and in their personal lifestyle.

“Each season requires different types of colors, textures, and clothing in fall/winter or spring/summer to keep current for a fresh head-to-toe look,” says Sanders. “Every season, we review each item in their closet to see what needs to be released or if we need to add new ones.”

Sanders recently up-leveled her service to include finding the perfect wedding dress for one of her VIP Clients.

“Jill Lublin has been a long-term mature client that I’ve had the honor of working with. She’s one of my best clients, who had such a wonderful transformation, and we’ve become dear friends,” said Sanders. “During one of our regular appointments, Jill shared that after being together with her partner for many years, she was getting married.”

Sanders explained what’s really involved for a bride to find a “The Dress” that would fit her body type, style, and ivory color, and explained the importance of trying dresses on. Together, they created a plan and Sanders started searching for wedding stores in the bride’s area to see her possibilities.

As an international speaker, publicist, and coach, the bride realized her schedule was full and she desperately needed Sanders’ help. At each store she went to, the bride had the sales team take pictures, and she texted pictures to Sanders to narrow down her best choices. Once they determined which size best fit her body type, the shopping became easier.

The bride originally thought Sanders would go online, pick out a few dresses, and it’d be easy and affordable. She quickly found out how overwhelming it was trying them on at home and knew there would be a lot of altering to get a better fit.

Sanders encouraged her to believe that she would find the perfect dress. She assured her that when she found the right dress, she would know. The bride made time for herself to go to the stores and see what her best style was and to find the perfect color in her color palette.

“I encouraged her to give herself permission to go through the process so she could say “Yes to the dress” when she found THE one,” said Sanders.

“People don’t really understand what a woman goes through to find “the dress” that she’s dreamed about all of her life, even though she doesn’t even realize it. My bride found it easy to find the perfect colors for her special day, where to have her wedding and reception, and coordinate all the other details.”

Finally, the bride was speaking in a town two hours from her home and was recommended to go to a nonprofit store called “Brides for a Cause” carrying gently used and new wedding dresses donated by wedding stores. The duo set up a time for them to be on the phone together so Sanders could see the dresses she was trying on. The first dress was absolutely beautiful. The second one was a quick and easy no.

The bride put the first dress back on and started sharing all the things she loved about her dress and the glow she had on her face said it all. As a bonus, the dress was a good price. So, Sanders asked her the famous question, “Are you going to say Yes to the dress?”

The bride said yes and discovered that it was on sale for half off the price tag, making the deal even sweeter for her budget. Plus, her investment meant she was helping other women through this charity.

“I’m so grateful for you! You are such a blessing in my life,” texted Jill to Sanders. “Thank you for all the support in finding me the right dress and the focus on making me look wonderful in all ways. I adore you and love you. I’m so grateful you’re in my life.”

In addition, Jill shared with Sanders, “At the event this morning, I had 3 people tell me how wonderful I looked. I always feel successful and it makes such a difference when I can get your “seal of approval” easily in texting you.”

Sanders feels like she has the best job in the world, helping women be their most authentic beautiful selves from head to toe inside out. “It’s very exciting having “VIP raving fan clients” that love working with you and refer you to others.”

About Patsy Sanders

Patsy Sanders has five decades of experience as a master hairstylist, has owned three salons, is a member of the RUSK International Hair Design Team, and holds ten training certificates in hairstyling, makeup, and color. Patsy loves working with women of all sizes because she used to be a size 20 and is now a size 6. Patsy knows ALL the tricks for putting together a wardrobe that frames the real you – no matter what size you are and what body type you have. When it comes to struggles with shopping, she’s been there.

For more information, visit Patsy online at

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