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Tentsla Announces Kickstarter Launch for Innovative Tesla Camping Tent

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Tentsla Announces Kickstarter Launch for Innovative Tesla Camping Tent

March 02
21:55 2023

Tentsla, the leading brand of outdoor camping gear for Tesla owners, is proud to announce the launch of their new product, X1, the first-generation tailgate tent designed specifically for Tesla Model Y vehicles. The company is now seeking to crowdfund the production of X1 through a Kickstarter campaign, set to launch in early March.

Many Tesla owners enjoy camping with their vehicles but are limited by the space inside the car. Tentsla’s X1 tent is designed to solve this problem, providing a comfortable and spacious sleeping area that extends out from the trunk, offering up to five sleeping spots for family and friends. With the X1, Tesla owners can enjoy a true outdoor camping experience while still having the convenience of their vehicles nearby.

The X1 tent features three large windows that provide plenty of light and ventilation. It also comes with a large canopy to keep the Tesla roof cool and shaded, even on the hottest summer days. The tent is also compatible with Tesla’s unique Camping Mode, allowing for efficient use of air conditioning and other devices to keep the interior and tent cool during summer.

The Kickstarter campaign for X1 will offer early backers exclusive access to the new tailgate tent at a discounted price, giving Tesla Model Y owners the opportunity to support the company’s vision and be among the first to experience their new products.

The Tentsla team believes that X1 is more than just a simple shelter; it’s a game-changer for Tesla camping enthusiasts. The tent adds so much more living space to the Tesla, letting users bring more family and friends along. With Tentsla X1, Tesla owners can finally experience outdoor camping without sacrificing the comfort and luxury of their vehicles.

Tentsla is excited to bring this innovative product to the Tesla community and help revolutionize the way Tesla owners camp. With the X1 tent, Tesla owners can enjoy the outdoors in a way that was not possible before, and the team believes this will be a major step forward for the Tesla camping community.

To learn more about Tentsla and their upcoming Kickstarter campaign for X1, please visit their website at or join their Facebook group: 

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