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CreatorsGramm Launches New Platform Help Creators Economy Become Sustainable

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CreatorsGramm Launches New Platform Help Creators Economy Become Sustainable

February 07
17:44 2023
CreatorsGramm will make it simpler for content creators to get the most value out of their posts.

For a long time, social media influencers have been struggling to become self-sufficient. Often they found themselves giving way free content without getting much value in return. To help the creator economy, CreatorsGramm has finally launched a tech-driven platform enabling creators to get subscribers who are willing to subscribe to access high-quality gated content.

Frank Fourie, the founder of CreatorsGramm, said about his new platform, “CreatorsGramm is a fusion of TikTok, Instagram, and Fanvue, where creators can now keep 90% of their revenue. This is only made possible by using bitcoin as our transaction gateway, which means no more hidden fees. As a creator, you can create your hologram, view your 3D model, video call people, and, most importantly, get value out of your subscribers for using each one of these unique features.”

He adds, “What makes CreatorsGramm a truly unique platform is the fact that it allows you to create your own category so that you can be found more often. You can boost posts or create stories like Instagram and view which creators offer which features. With plans to add more personalized AI support to our platform, you can now get all the help you need to create an engaging post just like ChatGPT. People can now discover you very easily, making it simpler to transform fans into subscribers.”

With CreatorsGramm, creators can now offer exclusive and unique content for their audience, which can be made available at a one-time fee or on a monthly membership basis. With rewarding tools like private messages and video calls, creators can build closer relationships with their fans and keep in touch with their subscribers. The team of CreatorsGramm also plans to keep working on their new platform in order to offer more extraordinary features that have not yet been seen in a single social media platform.

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