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Clayton Harrop’s Creative Video Production Agency Is Helping Businesses Scale Rapidly and expand their reach

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Clayton Harrop’s Creative Video Production Agency Is Helping Businesses Scale Rapidly and expand their reach

December 09
16:04 2022

As a passionate videographer and owner of a video production company, Clayton Harrop travels across Australia showcasing top travel destinations, creating quality video content that helps drive awareness to brands, increasing revenue and reach.

With plans of continuing to create incredible travel content and sharing it on social platforms such as Instagram™ and TikTok™ at various beautiful locations, he enjoys helping businesses and communities increase their profiles and public visibility, while inspiring people to get out, go on an adventure and explore somewhere beautiful. 

Mr Harrop is passionate about creating compelling and inspiring stories through video, helping to connect businesses with their clients. From real estate agents wanting to share their story to better connect with their community or soon-to-be married couples looking to capture compelling wedding day moments, Mr. Harrop has helped many with his expertise and creative eye. 

With his most recent venture, he credits his success to genuinely caring about his clients success and being a professional at what he does. He’s fueled by his desire to create more time and location freedom to be with his son and show him the world. He states, “I grew up without a real father figure present in my life, and I am very committed to being a present, fun and loving father for my son, and showing him all that the world has to offer.” 

Mr. Harrop’s business as a content creator and videographer is quickly expanding with a large influx of new clients knocking at his door. With his motto “The size of the well you give from, is the size of the well you’ll receive from”  he believes that his rapid success stems from caring first and foremost about the success of his clients. 

Mr. Harrop has built his business model based on the concept of his clients success meaning his success. “If they’re winning, I’m winning..” Mr. Harrop says. 

If you’re interested in keeping up with his latest ventures in the upcoming months, or looking to book him for content creation, video production, and more. To learn more follow his Instagram™ at claytonharrop Tik-Tok™ account at @claytonharrop

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