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How to find a perfect IT specialist: typical mistakes and their solutions

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How to find a perfect IT specialist: typical mistakes and their solutions

December 05
15:08 2022

Any modern company needs IT specialists. When hiring them, many employers make annoying mistakes that slow down many business processes. If you doubt the possibility of finding a great IT specialist for your business on your own and are looking for an IT recruiting firm in Poland, then this article is for you. We will analyze the most common problems that companies face when looking for talent.

Lots of theory, little practice 

Some representatives of the IT industry in interviews try to impress with smart phrases like “IT is subordinated to the company’s business processes and is a tool for improving them.” This makes an impression on the employer, and he makes an offer to the person. But after a month or two, he discovers that for some reason the processes are not being improved at all and the efficiency of the specialist tends to zero. This is because basic or even advanced theoretical knowledge is often incompatible with reality.


Test tasks are the solution to this problem. Offer the applicant for a vacancy to solve 2-3 practical problems and only then make a decision on hiring. Often even the weakest practitioner gets the job done faster and better than the super theorist.


Often, companies have to solve unique IT-related challenges (for example, when developing a product that has no analogs in the market). You will most likely not find specialists with the necessary experience. And among the applicants, even the most worthy at first glance, there may be people with a one-track mind who are not able to think outside the box – they will only eat up your time and money.


To track a stereotyped person at the hiring stage, offer him a non-standard task and look at the reaction. If the applicant says that this is not his area of ​​knowledge, or finds other excuses, it is better to say goodbye to him. This person is most likely not ready to think outside the box and take responsibility for the consequences.

HR specialist is off topic 

Sometimes hiring an IT specialist is entrusted to a regular HR manager. This is a person who is looking for an accountant, a secretary, and a marketer. In the case of hiring an IT specialist, this will not be an interview, but a conversation between a deaf person and a dumb person. An IT specialist will not understand what he should do, and an HR specialist will not be able to assess the level of knowledge and experience of the candidate.


Hiring an IT specialist should only be trusted by someone who understands information technology at least at a basic level. He must know what products, services, and infrastructure the company uses, and what trends are relevant in the IT industry as a whole. He should not be intimidated by the words “agile” and “blockchain”.

Wrong motivation 

When hiring any employee, it is important to understand what motivates him. At the interview, you should directly ask the applicant a question about what he wants (specifically now and in the future) from the profession. If your business model is tied to the development of an IT product, then the answer “money and career growth” should at least alert you. In the context of the rapid development of the IT industry, an employee with such priorities in a year or two is unlikely to be effective.


The correct answer to the question “what do you want” is to learn to solve new problems. You need to hire such a specialist right away. If he is interested not only in making a lot of money and becoming a CIO in 5 years but in making a digital revolution, he will help your company do it.

Rigid hierarchy 

It is not enough to hire an IT specialist correctly. You need to properly handle him afterwards. Many company leaders believe in hierarchy and are reluctant to listen to their employees (who were hired for valuable unique experience). And some even try to keep IT people away from the main working staff.


A rigid hierarchical structure is outdated, especially in the IT environment. Listen to your specialists, because you hired them not as performers, but as full-fledged participants in the process. And let them be included in the life of other departments of the company: the minimum computer literacy will work for the security of the data of the entire company, and the number of calls to technical support will drop significantly.

Useful personal qualities of an IT specialist

Have you ever wondered why one person easily goes through life, achieves high results, and gets everything he wants, while others seem to fight every day – and regularly lose? 

Of course, this can be explained by many factors, and some of them are difficult to influence, while others are quite easy to change. An important role is played by the personal qualities of a person.

Emotional stability 

This quality allows the IT professional to maintain a balanced state and remain stable, even when things don’t go according to plan. Emotionally stable people recognize emotions, but are able to effectively control them and can remain focused in any trouble. This quality is very important for people from the IT industry, as sometimes it is necessary to make serious changes and negotiate with colleagues


This is the ability to deal with a single problem for a long time without being distracted by external factors. Good memory, developed intelligence, and attentiveness are associated with the ability to concentrate. Without concentration, it is difficult for an IT specialist to complete work tasks and improve their knowledge. 


Creative people offer non-standard solutions, are able to quickly navigate through difficult situations, and find solutions where they seem to be absent. For an IT specialist, this is a very important quality that allows you to think outside the box. Great inventions come from creativity.

Final thoughts

The search for an IT specialist by an incompetent HR manager can delay the process of attracting a new employee to the company. Moreover, due to the wrong approach to interviewing candidates, an HR manager can miss out on talent or invite an incompetent person to the team. If you are looking for an IT specialist who will ideally complement your team, we recommend that you contact the international company Alcor, which provides services for recruiting IT personnel. The company will help you find talent in Poland, Ukraine, or Romania, countries that are rich in technological geniuses.

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