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Spine Doctor Zeki is Helping People Live a PainFree Life

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Spine Doctor Zeki is Helping People Live a PainFree Life

September 26
13:52 2022
The well-known chiropractor Zakaria Leidgen is fast gaining international recognition for his self-healing techniques developed through years of experience.

As the youngest son, Zakaria Leidgen a.k.a Spine Doctor Zeki had to deal with his body starting from an early age. This piped his interest in learning how the body works and why it works that way. Determined to discover self-healing of wound techniques, Zakaria finished his schooling and started to work as a dog handler. While on the job, he started to learn about the anatomy of the body, both animal and human.

This was when Zakaria Leidgen stumbled across the chiropractor profession, and his whole life started to change. He became a naturopath and learned chiropractic and discovered how his learning could bring true happiness to people after this treatment. As he learned more about the spine, he started to use natural methods using his hands in order to move away from the need for medical pills, operations, and clinical stuff.

After losing his father in 2021, his entire focus turned to becoming the best chiropractor in the industry so that he could help more and more people. Today, he has helped many people with his chiropractic adjustment, bringing them the benefits of minimized migraines, reduced neck-related headaches, posture improvement, and improved range of motion of the spine and other joints.

Today, Zakaria Leidgen travels all around the world across Dortmund, Frankfurt, Berlin, and the USA, helping people get rid of choleric pain even during his private time. He says, “The spine is the main office of your body. If the spine is healthy, you will be healthy.” He plans to learn chiropractic for animals like dogs, cats, and horses in the future.

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About Zakaria Leidgen (Spine Doctor Zeki)

Bring 22nd July 1996, Zakaria Leidgen is a popular chiropractor born in Germany, North Rhine Westfalica. He offers a range of tension release and blockage removal services using HVLA techniques known to engage the restricting barrier in one or more planes of motion within the anatomical range of motion of a joint using a quick application of force over a brief duration, distance, and rotational area to cause the restriction to loosen.

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