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“Shimmering Across Time” by Author Mak Ming Keeps the Readers Captivated

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“Shimmering Across Time” by Author Mak Ming Keeps the Readers Captivated

April 21
22:43 2022
Experience the joy and sorrow of one family trying to stay one step ahead of the ravages of war in the beautiful yet chaotic Southeast Asia.

Let’s travel back in time to the late 18th and 19th centuries in China and Southeast Asia. More than an epic novel, Shimmering Across Time is a time machine that takes readers to visit faraway places and to a period when the world was in turmoil.

The story of the Yiu family began in Canton, South China, at a time when the Qing Dynasty was losing control of its governance over China.  The ineptitude of the Qing imperial court sparked a series of political unrest that led to the end of the Middle Kingdom’s four thousand years of dynastic rule. It had forever altered China’s trajectory and its role on the world stage.

During this turbulent time, China saw a mass exodus of its people fleeing their war-torn homeland in search of safer havens elsewhere. Much of the migration outflow was dispersed throughout Southeast Asia. To keep the family safe, the Yius were forced to uproot themselves from their palatial home in Canton and embarked on a life-changing journey of traveling to Hanoi and subsequently to Laos.

As begrudging participants in this dreadful chapter of human history, the characters in the story had to overcome nearly insurmountable hardships and found hope through steadfast friendship and enduring love. In the face of great adversity, they encountered the connection between faith and the miraculous. Life’s ups and downs had drawn them closer to their understanding of humanity.

The author’s painstaking dedication to the historical accuracy of the time period and geographical locations adds authenticity to this enthralling novel. This story will appeal to readers who enjoy historical fictions. For those who have an interest in China, Vietnam, and Laos, they will appreciate having Shimmering Across Time as a special collection to their library. For those who have immigrated to another country and experienced the challenges of starting a new life in a foreign land, they will resonate with the characters in the story.

This intriguing novel is available on Amazon in both book and Kindle editions. Readers will be in for a captivating treat by picking up a copy of Shimmering Across Time. For more information, please visit the author’s website:

Buy it on Amazon at:

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