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Jason Chang Launches New Efforts To Advance Public Health In Asia Through Conducting Projects To Tackle Health Issues In His Community

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Jason Chang Launches New Efforts To Advance Public Health In Asia Through Conducting Projects To Tackle Health Issues In His Community

October 14
03:57 2021
Jason Chang Launches New Efforts To Advance Public Health In Asia Through Conducting Projects To Tackle Health Issues In His Community
The organizations that contributed their efforts with Jason Chang are St. Joseph’s School of Nepal Children, Blink Now Foundation, Making a Difference, and the Yuanlin Dipkar Charity Organization.

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Jason Chang launches a new effort of Public Health Advocacy in Asia, announcing strong plans to address the problem of mental health and healthcare inaccessibility in Asia. 

Through a series of public services such as establishing an exchange and foundation for Himalayan communities, shedding light on Taiwanese Aboriginals, innovating a healthcare product for mental health, and initiating a blood drive for a Leukemia, Jason advocates highly for healthcare equality in Asia.

Jason studied at Taipei American School and gained a global perspective through his encounter with people of diverse backgrounds and ethnicity. His expanded worldview enabled him to perceive the invisible line bordering between the privileged and the underserved.

The unfortunate members who are never brought into media or the light of mainstream society are prone to healthcare inequalities. These populations, whether located in a rural region or carelessly forgotten in our everyday lives, encounter a lack of awareness and thus a lack of action from people to bring effective healthcare systems into their livelihoods.


By igniting healthcare opportunities in and out of my native country of Taiwan, my services put forth a globally-minded mission,” said JASON CHANG.

His focal services include patenting a robot that helps strives to improve people’s mental wellbeing through initiating the users to share negative thoughts and in this way relieve their daily pressures. In light of COVID, mental health has become increasingly important as problems like xenophobia rise into our society. A strong accomplishment, Jason won second place overall in the 2021 American Da Vinci Innovation and Invention Expo Competition spotlighting his patented project.

He is also the lead event organizer role in the Yuanlin Dipkar Charity Organization, conducting hundreds of charity events over the past years to relieve health problems of the homeless, disabled, and the general public. Inspired by his grandfather who was formerly a part of the organization and passed away due to Leukemia, he vowed to advocate for blood donation to relieve those suffering from the same conditions as his grandfather.

“This time, I initiated a partnership with the Yuanlin Blood Drive Center, spending months planning a promotion event that would generate a large positive impact on blood donation,” said JASON CHANG.

Founding Inititaive Formosa to serve the natives of his island, he raised a foundation to institute healthcare infrastructures for Taiwanese Aboriginals through selling t-shirts with designs of indigenous culture.

Jason’s another organization, Himalayan Service Initiative, raised $7000 from food drives, all of which were donated to the organizations aforementioned for oxygen tank relief concerning COVID in India and some other Himalayan regions. Working with St. Joseph’s School of Nepal Children, Jason also hosted a competition within the school to see which group of students could provide the most practice solution idea to a prompt of global health crises. Jason initiated this event to bring further educational opportunities relating to health and basic disease prevention for those underprivileged who lack sufficient knowledge on health.

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